5 Healthcare Issues in the World in General


  • The world is experiencing a crisis of massive proportions due to this pandemic that has hit us all hard, but not as hard as all of the healthcare industries worldwide.
  • Fast and effective healthcare is needed by the people in their countries and is of more importance now than ever before.
  • However, despite the best efforts of everyone involved, there are still issues within the healthcare industry worldwide.
  • This list breaks down 5 global, ongoing issues regarding healthcare in the industry as a whole.
  1. Increasing Cost of Services
  • Over the past few years, results have been showing an increase in prices when it comes to receiving health care of any kind within the industry.
  • It has come to a point where many people are having issues with getting the most basic of medical checkups per year which is a burden to someone’s personal income and living. 
  1. Easier to access points of getting care
  • Even as the years pass by, technology is still hard to reach for some if not many countries worldwide. Modern medicine has evolved a lot in terms of ways of treating many diseases and illnesses, but healthcare, in general, is still only accessible in the way of going to a hospital or clinic and getting an appointment with a medical professional. 
  • This leads to many countries still being unable to get adequate medical care for their patients. Many countries are in need of different ways to provide healthcare to their general public in a quicker and more effective way than they are currently exhibiting due to limited infrastructure.
  1. Consumer experience is deteriorating
  • Over the years, the quality of the service among hospitals has been deteriorating due to too many reasons. One reason is the lack of doctors and nurses in a worldwide setting, meaning there are fewer options to receive quality care among those doctors and nurses. 
  • The pandemic has had an effect on this deterioration as well. With so many patients being admitted simultaneously in hospitals, the rate of adequate care is decreasing as the time between patients and providers is also decreasing.
  1. Chronic Illnesses becoming more prevalent
  • Even with the new, innovative technological advancements we’ve discovered on the medical forefront, there is still a problem when it comes to the health of the common individual.
  • Many countries are dealing with a possible obesity crisis that will most likely lead to more related complications and negative health outcomes.
  1. Shortage of Nurses and Physicians
  • There are around 59 million healthcare workers in the world as of now, but is that number enough to take care of the 7+ billion people living worldwide? No, it is not enough, sadly.
  • There simply aren’t enough physicians and nurses to take care of every other person in the world. The distribution of these workers worldwide is also another issue within itself as well, as some countries need more professionals to work with their population compared to others.


  • The world right now more than ever is in need of services provided by healthcare workers due to the COVID -19 pandemic.
  • The world today faces issues in its healthcare system regarding the cost of services, the ease of accessing care, the experience of the care, the increase of chronic illnesses and the shortage of physicians and nurses.
  • What can the world do in order to help solve some of these issues?

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