HosTalky is Here to Help Healthcare Workers

Communication is critical in the healthcare profession for saving countless lives on the front lines. It serves as the industry’s major lifeblood, facilitating worker collaboration and cohesion. It is not, however, flawless, as is all human communication. There are still cases in the sector where worker communication goes horribly wrong, sometimes with devastating results. Let’s take a look at the massive impact that poor communication has on the healthcare industry.

The Possibilities of Technology in the Healthcare Industry

In today’s society, technology advances at incredible speeds. The healthcare industry is one area that decides to slow down on which aspects receive new technology treatments. Let’s learn about the technological solutions that will readily solve modern problems when implemented.

How The Pandemic Has Affected The Mental Health of Healthcare Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic downturn have had a detrimental impact on many people’s mental health and created additional challenges for those who already suffer from mental illness or substance abuse problems. Healthcare workers have been affected tremendously due to the higher workload, constant stress, and immense pressure.

Occupational Health Hazards Faced by Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are constantly at risk of a variety of health hazards. In most occupations, the atmosphere or the nature of the work is the decisive element that puts its employees in risky circumstances. In the case of healthcare employees, they must consider both aspects of their jobs. Let’s take a look at some of the dangers that this healthcare personnel encounter on a daily basis.

Issues in Too Much Information in the Healthcare Industry

Introduction Every day many new innovations are underway in medicine and are being distributed as new information to treat certain illnesses and diseases. The way this information is being given out nowadays is virtually instant with medical journals and articles now accessible with just a click of a button online. However, with the new knowledge… Continue reading Issues in Too Much Information in the Healthcare Industry

Why Healthcare Workers Should Practice Preventive Healthcare

Chronic illnesses are the greatest cause of mortality and disability on the globe, and they are associated with rising healthcare expenses. Preventative care, which includes both clinical preventative treatments and screening tests, is promoted as part of a public health strategy. One technique for managing the use and improving health outcomes is to identify and avoid possible issues downstream. HosTalky would love to advocate for healthcare professionals to upkeep their health by proactively caring for themselves.

HosTalky is About to Launch The HosTalky Application For Phase 1

Introduction All of these years the healthcare industry has been having a lot of issues regarding communication and organization within their workplace. These issues have only been made more apparent in this pandemic. Many healthcare workers were already dealing with a lot of malpractice issues and disorganization within the hospital even before the pandemic. Now,… Continue reading HosTalky is About to Launch The HosTalky Application For Phase 1

How to Avoid Catching the COVID-19 Virus

Introduction Over the past year since the pandemic started, people have been taking the utmost care to ensure the reduction in the spread of the virus and end the worldwide pandemic. This is why most countries have imposed government-mandated lockdowns and other safety restrictions. However, these restrictions usually aren’t enough as individual people have their… Continue reading How to Avoid Catching the COVID-19 Virus