Why Healthcare Workers Should Practice Preventive Healthcare


Health workers have experienced great trials in these troubling times caused by the pandemic. They have risked and given up so much of their time just to take care of the ever-increasing number of patients. However, the greatest risk that they are undertaking currently is their health of themselves.

One of the greatest ways for health workers to protect themselves is through their own personal healthcare. It is not just any healthcare treatment they can get as well as their patients do, it all starts with preventive healthcare, especially when dealing with a deadly virus.

What is Preventive Healthcare?

Preventive healthcare is a section of healthcare that focuses on measures and techniques taken for disease prevention. For instance, instead of treating the sickness or illnesses of a patient, health workers and their patients work together to prevent and stop any preventable sickness or disease from developing.

There are many forms of preventive healthcare already being used by the general public, and the health workers should also use these preventive healthcare measures themselves. The kinds of preventive healthcare come from healthy habits, regular checkups with care physicians, and even immunizations.

Let’s dissect these three different kinds of preventive healthcare and see exactly how they help against diseases, including catching the virus that is currently affecting the world.

Healthy Habits

Many of us have everyday habits that we do in our lives such as checking our phones or what we do for our morning routines. Still, no matter what these habits are, they affect our health in one way or another, so it is important that we start practicing healthier routines in our everyday lives.

This also includes our eating routines. What we eat can greatly affect our health and how healthy we can be when it comes to facing certain challenges such as getting sick. Nonetheless, eating a healthier diet can prevent you from getting sick and developing certain diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis and certain types of cancers in the long run.

Regular Checkups

Some of us have a primary care physician in one way or another if we can afford them. It is very important that we have annual checkups with them regarding our health, whether that would be physical or mental health. 

Annual checks are important as doctors can properly assess the patient and check the individual’s health. These annual checkups can also reveal illnesses or diseases that have not yet been detected. With this, some treatments and plans can be made to make sure the illness or disease does not worsen.


Immunization is an act of preventive healthcare that gives people preparations or immunities to certain illnesses. Immunizations are generally done via inoculation (which is the act of giving someone a vaccine shot) and the effect is to make an individual immune from certain viruses that the vaccine is targetting.

Getting vaccinated is of utmost importance in this global pandemic. With the COVID-19 pandemic currently transpiring, it is essential that everyone gets vaccinated as soon as they can. 


Everyone needs to keep their health in great shape, especially since there is a worldwide pandemic happening. Preventive healthcare is one of those very helpful activities and practices that we should all do, and not limited to patients. In conclusion, every healthcare industry should be practicing preventive healthcare not only for themselves but for the safety of everyone around them.

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