HosTalky Features for Healthcare Workers


Healthcare workers have experienced so much pressure and stress in this global pandemic that has engulfed the world lately. Many health workers worldwide are struggling to keep up with the demand for their service and time to care for the many new patients. This can lead to more problems with communication that were previously rampant before the pandemic started.

 Luckily, our HosTalky platform is launching to help solve these communication issues within the healthcare setting. Along with our platform come many useful features to help solve communication problems and also help better organize the workplace. We want to share what some of these features are and what they can do for the medical industry.

What Exactly is HosTalky?

HosTalky is an easy-to-use chat application made exclusively for healthcare workers to use. It is not only a chat application, but it has other features as well that differentiate it from other chat apps on the market. HosTalky has many valuable attributes to effectively and efficiently get the job done inside any place where a healthcare professional resides.

The Chat Feature

With our secure and safe chat feature, you will be assured that any messages, videos, voice notes, and images you send are kept only between you and the person receiving them. You can message other colleagues privately or in custom group chats.

Use it to page physicians or other staff for updates and paperwork. It also offers text-to-speech so you can connect when you are on the go. 

It allows for quick and reliable communication between colleagues so you can excel in your fast-paced work environment.

The Reminders Feature

With the reminders feature, you can create personal reminders and alerts that best suit your needs. You can create reminders to be posted right away, or save your reminders as drafts to finish editing later.

The reminders can be scheduled to be posted for a later date or time. You can also schedule alerts for your reminders so you get notified 5 to 30 minutes before your reminder is due. These can help you keep your punctuality for certain tasks or errands that you’ll be doing a lot of in the medical workplace.

The Personal Notes Feature

Use HosTalky’s personal notes feature to create cheat sheets about procedures, organize checklists for surgeons and nurses, and manage your own notes. You can also attach text, documents, photos, videos, or audio recordings to your notes. All these things can be deleted at any time.

The Announcements Feature

With the announcements feature, you can connect and pass information by sending announcements to people in the entire organization or creating custom groups. New announcements can be viewed and older announcements can be referred back to when needed.

When creating your announcement, you have the choice to publish it right away, save it as a draft to finish editing later, or schedule your announcement for a later date.


The world right now more than ever needs the service and time of healthcare workers to be able to take care of so many people struggling in this pandemic. With the introduction of HosTalky, there is a sense of hope put back into the prospect of there being some issues solved by the introduction of this incredible application for many to use. With its features, it is a simple tool for the healthcare industry to use to improve the healthcare workplace significantly.

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